Where Should I Shop Online

I apologize if Shop The Mall Online. info shows up on the first page of google bing yahoo. One click to Shop The Mall Online. com

Yes you can shop the mall online. For those of you who don’t know, there are malls online. They’re known as an online mall, internet mall, online shopping mall, virtual mall. An online mall is no different than your local town mall. When you show up at an online shopping mall you will find nothing but online stores there. Typically an online mall will have a couple hundred online stores inside.

What is the difference between an online mall and an online store.

An online store is a single store online that generally specializes in a small segment of merchandise. Where as an online mall has hundreds of individual online stores in it. Allowing a patron of the shopping mall to enter and leave several online stores in a matter of minutes without ever having to use search.

How do I find an online shopping mall online?

The best way to find an online shopping mall is to press Enter or you can just     shop the mall onine.

Why doesn’t google bing yahoo recognize all parts of

Shop The Mall Online. com

I will break down Shop The Mall Online for google bing and yahoo so that their search engines can learn to read at a much higher level of intelligence.

First off there is the word “shop” used as a noun. Used as such it would indicate that you will find a boutique, chain, deli, department store, emporium, five-and-dime, market, mill, outlet, showroom, stand, store, supermarket if you were to enter “Shop” in a search engine.

Second use of the word “shop” used as a verb would tell google bing yahoo that when you enter “Shop” in their search engine you want to “buy things in shops.”

Same thing goes for “Mall” when entered in to a google bing yahoo search engine. You expect to be shown sites that would be considered a large shopping complex or a large complex containing stores, and other businesses and any thing else would demonstrate a lack of intelligence of the aformention search engine creators to offer anything that deviates from a mall.

Lastly the word “online” which by definition means: connected via computer: attached to or available through a central computer or computer network.

So if I am correct when you Shop The Mall Online you will most likely find a boutique, chain, deli, department store, emporium, five-and-dime, market, mill, outlet, showroom, stand, store, or supermarket inside a large shopping complex containing stores, and other businesses and facilities serving the general public. Where by you may buy things from shops while using a connected computer attached to or available through a central computer or computer network.

There are also word combinations from the URL ShopThe Mall Online. com

Such as  “Shop Online”  “The Mall”  “Mall Online” “Shop The Mall”  “The Mall Online.”  Those word combinations could not be more telling to a search engine that the following keywords, “Shop The Mall Online, Online Shopping Mall, Online Mall, Shop Online, Shopping Online, The Mall, Mall, Online Mall Stores, Internet Mall, Mall Online, Online Shopping, Shopping Mall Online, Online Stores are percicley the definition of what Shop The Mall Online is all about.

When you shop the mall online you generate business in America.

If people continue to shop the mall online it will only continue to get larger greater better.

The Ironic Beauty for Those Who Shop The Mall Online

What is the irony of using an online mall? An online shopping mall is essentially one large advertising venue for online stores. No body wants to be bombarded by ads on every site unless otherwise designated to do so.

What is the beauty about an online mall being a singular advertising stadium for online stores? The more people Shop The Mall Online the less advertising you will see on your average website and other sites with high numbers of users.

The thesis being that shoppers will vote with there dollars to shop the mall online.  Merchants and shop owners will want to congregate and locate their stores in the single largest shopping destination on the internet. Where everyone can shop them all online. Thus making advertising every where you roam on the internet obsolete. It will take a substantial number of shoppers to produce this desired effect.

Aren’t you sick of seeing ads every where you turn on the internet?

Wouldn’t you prefer to have nice clean websites that only show what the theme of the site is all about?

If so Shop The mall Online where the only duty of the mall is to promote and advertise online stores.

Help make rampant advertising obsolete and Shop The Mall Online.